Webinar 1 – Our Time: A new approach in supporting families in refuges and places of safety

29 October 2020

In our first webinar we presented the “Our time” programme and talked about our experiences in organising train-the-trainer courses and the piloting.

Watch the webinar

You can learn about:

  • how the Our Time programme has been structured
  • how to implement it
  • how to prepare your trainers/facilitators and use the materials provided in the programme
  • feedback from mothers and their children who have participated in the Our Time programme


  • Dickie James, expert from Staffordshire Women’s Aid
  • Izaskun Andueza Imirizaldu, Public University of Navarre
  • Cristina Sas, CPIP

Webinar 2 – Our Time: How to apply the programme in the context of working with women from Roma communities

04 November 2020

In our second online event, we focused on working with survivors of domestic or other kinds of violence from different cultural contexts.

In this webinar you hear about:

  • the „Our Time“ programme
  • how to use and adapt the programme when working with families from different cultural backgrounds
  • experiences in working with the Roma community: a case study from Varna, Bulgaria


  • Dickie James (Staffordshire Women’s Aid / UK)
  • Ivan Popov (Association of Varna Organisations for Drug Prevention / BG)